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Organic Farm Fresh Produce Vegetables - Farm Fresh to you - Hastings, Battle Creek MI

Four-season, organic, mixed vegetables, farm fresh produce, flower, and herb farm. Farmers markets, chefs, CSA, and wholesale. Specialty produce, heirlooms, and beyond!


What's In


Late Winter/ Early Spring production list.

March 2016

Arugula: 4 different types
Radishes: French Breakfast
Turnips: Hinona Kabu
Spinach Baby Lettuce: 4 different types
Bunching Onions: Redbeard Scallion, Crimson Forest, Deep Purple
Baby Beets
Baby Carrots: Orange, Yellow, Red, and 3 different types of Purple

April 2016

All the same as above, plus full size Carrots

Welcome to Cavanaugh FarmsOrganic farm fresh produce, vegetables, herbs, flowers, heirlooms, farm fresh to you, chefs, restaurants, farm stand, Hastings MI, Battle Creek MI, Cutlerville, Kentwood, Lansing, Forest Hills, Grand Rapids, Ionia, Wyoming MI, Kalamazoo, Grandville, Jenison, Northview, Porage, Walker, Waverly MI, Michigan

Many people think that organic farming is innovative, contemporary - the wave of the future. In fact, this form of farming was used by our grandparents, their grandparents, and on back through time.

Today’s conventional farming with the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation is the unfortunate wave of a future that is unhealthy to people and harmful to our environment.

Organic is the healthful and wholesome approach to growing food.

Launched in 2015, Cavanaugh Farms in Hasting, Michigan, is farming as it was meant to be: Healthy, pesticide free, and – yes – providing delicious fresh organic produce!

There was a time when the word organic was associated only with health food stores. Happily, that has changed. Today, fine-quality organic foods can be found in supermarkets, farm stands, and even restaurants. As weekly news headlines highlight statistics of people getting sick from this or that food product, Americans are finally recognizing that organic food is what’s best for them -- and their families.

Organic is the way food was always meant to be -- healthy!